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North Shore

Fox's new series

Fox's new hit TV show: North Shore
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the show:

North Shore is a new show on Fox premiering on June 14th. It airs on Mondays at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. It's an ensemble drama based at a lush Hawaii hotel (the fictional Grand Waimea Hotel). It's an Upstairs/Downstairs look at a luxury hotel on Hawaii's big island and deals with the staff at the hotel and their guests. The show stars Kristoffer Polaha as Jason Mathews, the who's the head of guest relations hotel, and Brooke Burns as Nicole Booth, the hotel's manager and Danny's ex-girlfriend. Also starring in the show is the incredibly good-looking Corey Sevier (from Black Sash), Amanda Righetti (Hailey from The OC), Jason Momoa (Baywatch), James Remar, Nikki Deloach (MMC), and Michael Ontkean.

It comes from the creative team of Peter Elkoff ("Mr. Beautiful"), Kevin Falls ("The West Wing"), Chris Brancato and Bert Salke ("Boomtown"). The first episode was directed by Peyton Reed (who directed the movies Bring It On and Down With Love).

The series, previously known as "Oahu" and "The Big Island," is a one-hour serial drama that takes place at a luxury hotel in Oahu, Hawaii where the international elite stay and revolves around the hotel's twentysomething employees and how they handle relationships among themselves and with the wealthy hotel guests.

James Remar plays Vincent Boyd, a managing partner of the hotel. Righetti plays the hotel's concierge.

North Shore is filmed on location in Hawaii. It's described as a cross between "Hotel" and Melrose Place. Thirteen episodes have been ordered so far, but it will be increased to 22 if the show is successful.

It airs on the Fox network on Mondays at 8pm Eastern/Pacific or 7pm Central/Mountain. Repeats air on Fridays on Fox at 8pm Eastern/Pacific or 7pm Central/Mountain


Brooke Burns - Nicole Booth
Nikki DeLoach - MJ Bevans
Jay Kenneth Johnson - Chris Remsen
Jason Momoa - Frankie Seau
Michael Ontkean -
Kristoffer Polaha - Jason Matthews
James Remar - Vincent Boyd
Amanda Righetti - Tessa Lewis
Corey Sevier - Gabriel Miller
Rachel Shelley -


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