Sparkle (sparkplug17) wrote in n0rthsh0re,

Season Finale

So, what did everyone think of the finale?

I kindof already knew it would be left opened, but...

1. I can't decide if Vincent is screwing Jason over, or is he coming up with a master plan?

2. I can't stand Alexandra, so I hope Fox will take Shannon Dorthey off the show. But with her screwing Frankie and Tessa over, she will most likely lose the hotel and Vincent can finally come back. That would be nice...

3. I hope this finally gives MJ and Chris a real chance to get back together...we already know it will most likely give Jason and Nicole one...

4. MJ is a good singer.

5. First Gabe wanted to be a dad, then he became sufer dude and now he wants his ex back? It's not that important to me what happens to Gabe really, but I don't like how his character is evolving.

Does anyone know the status on Season 2?
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